About Us


D-Sight is a young and dynamic team of client advisors, developers and creative problem solving experts. Every member of our company is equally passionate about bringing the best decision-making and prioritization solutions to the market. We embrace the opportunities that being a young software provider in a large corporate environment entails and set ourselves apart by our unconditional commitment to reaching the customer’s ultimate goals.

Our internal knowledge and knowhow is reinforced by a strategic board and specialist advisors. We surround ourselves with experts from different industries and backgrounds, in order to guarantee a flawless customer experience.



Advisory Board


Olivier Witmeur

Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

  • Board Member or Adviser of multiple growth oriented ventures
  • Former entrepreneur

Yves De Smet

Co-Founder and Director of CoDE

  • Associate Professor at the University of Brussels
  • Practice, Research and Teaching in Multi-criteria Decision Aid

François Faelli

Partner at Bain & Company

  • Member of the European Consumer Products Practice.
  • Member of Strategy, Telecom, Media & Technology


Hakim-Moulay Dehbi

Commercial Engineer specialized in Statistics

  • Strategy consultant
  • Passionate about innovation and coaching

Philippe Vincke

Emeritus Professor at the Engineering School of ULB

  • Co-author of 6 books on Multi-criteria Decision-Aid
  • Honorary Rector at ULB