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Area of Expertise: Supplier Selection

Selecting the right supplier is the main success factor for any procurement department

Your procurement selection process is very important in order to select the right supplier and the ones that will best benefit your business, at the best rate possible. If selecting the right vendor and having a deep analysis is part of your business then we can help you make the right decisions.

Save your vendor selection process at the best possible rate, by using a decision making software that has the credibility, proof and right methodology to support your business and ensure you have the best supplier, with the highest quality possible, within your budget parameters. We want to help you being highly efficient.

You can use our decision software solutions for:

  • Selecting best vendors
  • Tenders analysis
  • Evaluating different proposals and impact on business
  • Other analysis or strategic planning for procurement allocation

They trust our solutions

When The Brussels Airport Company wanted to improve the way of analyzing tenders, they chose D-Sight!

We can help you improve the way you decide

Improve the decision-making in your organization by allocating better your resources, prioritizing actions, assessing your impact in the environment or increasing efficiency in operations, using D-Sight’s decision making software solutions.

Traditionally, the weighted sum is used in an Excel sheet. By using D-Sight and its advanced methodology, you can specify on what basis the offers have to be compared, for each evaluation criterion. All the visual tools allow you to perform a deep and fast analysis in which you can easily interact with your teammates. Finally, the sensitivity analysis tool gives you the opportunity to make more confident and solidly substantiated decisions.

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