Plugins for D-Sight Desktop

Innovative Functionalities

D-Sight Desktop includes a plugin system that allows you to customize your version of the software. Different plugins are available under free or commercial license and are easily accessible through the plugin store integrated in the D-Sight software. The plugins are automatically installed in your software and can be used without restarting the software. Plugins are just one click away wich makes it simple for you to try them out and adopt them!
Maps plugin
The D-Sight Maps Plugin allows you to use a complete maps system and make it interact with D-Sight. With this plugin, you can for instance associate your alternatives with points or areas on the map. The map will interact with all the calculation results so that you can work with an integrated tool. Read more about the D-Sight Maps Plugin.
Weights elicitation plugin
Choosing the weights of the criteria is a difficult step in an evaluation process. This plugin helps you set the weights through an interactive, step-by-step questioning survey. Read more about the weights elicitation plugin.
Excel Import Plugin
Benefit from this plugin and import your data from an existing spreadsheet faster into the system. Read more about how to import data into the software.
Multi-actors plugin
Work with several decision-makers (or scenarios) with the D-Sight Multi-Actors Plugin. Thanks to this new functionality, different stakeholders can work together on the same problem. They can have their own evaluations and their own parameters. You are then able to consult the results of each actor (or scenario).
Furthermore, this plugin gives you the global aggregated results that take every stakeholder into account . You will be able to see what the conflicts are and what the consensus is. Read more about the multi actors plugin.
Alternative groups optimization plugin
This plugin offers you the possibility to find the best sub-set of alternatives regarding the first multi-criteria evaluation process and taking into account additional constraints. Read more about the selection optimization plugin.
Weights elicitation plugin
Discover how an alternative has to improve on specific criteria in order to climb in the ranking without changing the evaluation parameters. Read more about the how to improve plugin.
Choquet Integral plugin
The Choquet Integral plugin allows taking into account interactions between criteria when computing the scores of the alternatives. You can define synergies or redundancies between the criteria to assess the options more profoundly. Read more about the Choquet plugin.