Maps Plugin


The D-Sight Maps Plugin allows you to use a complete maps system that interacts with D-Sight. With this plugin, you can for instance associate your alternatives with points or areas on the map. The map will interact with all the calculation results so that you can work with an integrated tool.

Interactive World Map

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Add a fully interactive world map into D-Sight and allow interaction with the multi-criteria decision aid tools. Any point on the map can be chosen as an alternative.

Add Points to the Map

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Click on the map to add points or draw areas. These geographic locations will automatically be associated with an alternative with wich you will be able to work in the software. You can also create geographic locations for existing alternatives so that you can visualize them on the map.

Visualize Results on the Map

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All the points or areas that you have selected to be evaluated with D-Sight can be shown with their respective results as the global score. Make a change in your parameters and visualize the impact directly on a map.