Access Diverse Decision-Making Expertise And Improve Your Decisions

Today's market reality is highly complex and requires a broader interaction with stakeholders, while every decision depends on many factors. D-Sight provides innovative software solutions, training, and consulting services to help individuals and organizations handle these challenges and improve the way decisions are made and justified.

For individuals and organizations, we provide an end-to-end demonstration and teach concepts such as criteria setting, modeling decision-making processes, using advanced analytics, and more.

We support advanced users and customers to develop their expertise in prioritizing decisions, and to optimize the projects they are working on.

Increase Your Operational Knowledge For A Better Implementation

D-Sight offers different levels of training modules in decision-making, operational performance and analysis. In particular, introductory and advanced D-Sight training modules are available.

Making the right decision requires a lot of skills and having the right training to support your knowledge will benefit your decision-making process in several ways:

Gain New Insights

By learning our methodology you will have access to the latest decision-making research and methods.

Increase Productivity

Following D-Sight training will improve your time-efficiency. You will quickly grasp the essence of the different analytical tools and representations and understand which analysis to use in which context.

Justify Your Decisions

Learn how to use D-Sight’s software most efficiently to justify your decisions and support your final choice.

Available Training's

D-Sight offers different levels of training modules in decision aid, operational research and statistics. In particular, introductory and advanced D-Sight training modules are available.

Get Familiar With D-Sight - Main Webinar

The "Get Familiar with D-Sight" provides a general overview and demonstration of the ways clients currently approach decision-making. This one-hour program introduces D-Sight at a high-level and explores an illustrative sample case.

Standard D-Sight Training - Upon Request

We provide training which overviews D-Sight’s features and possibilities. It is highly useful for organizations that start to use our software and want to maximize returns. This one-day training is highly advanced and suitable for any interested organization.

How To Prioritize The Best Project - Upon Request

Careful prioritization (and management of deprioritized tasks) brings order to chaos, reduces stress, and stimulates a successful project conclusion. Without it, you will struggle, drawning in competing demands. Contact us to get more information on how we can help you prioritizing your projects.

Identify The Best Supplier - Upon Request

Choosing the right supplier involves more than scanning a series of price lists. Your choice depends on a wide range of factors such as value for money, quality, reliability and service. How you weigh the importance of these different factors is based on your business priorities and strategy. Contact us to get more information on how we can help you selecting the right supplier.

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Some Of Our Successful Training Cases

Ecorem is an independent multidisciplinary consultancy and engineering company active in the environmental sector. D-Sight trained Ecorem’s team on how to use D-Sight’s software efficiently and understand the different features.  The training clarified how the D-Sight tools could support Ecorem when conducting environmental impact assessments.

Decision-Aid Consulting : The Methodology

D-Sight helps companies confronted with complex decision processes. It provides global support to structure and model decision problems, to evaluate alternative options and to identify key performance indicators.

Step 1 | Kick Off Meeting

At the start of a consultancy assignment it is important to gain a common understand of what the assignment entails. At D-Sight we emphasize the importance of having a kick-off meeting in order to define the objectives and procedures, along with a review of the critical business issues that the client might be facing. This first meeting also serves to introduce our decision-making software and its features.

Step 2 | Analysis

We perform a structured analysis of the data provided to us by our client. During this analysis, we determine which criteria are the most important factors that will influence the final decision. We then assess the data and create several analytics and graphic representations to support the final decision.

Step 3 | Solution

After analyzing the data and generating different analytics, we model the best case scenarios and perform an in depth analysis of the optimal solution. We work together with our client to understand the reasons behind the best solution. We also advise on how to proceed after the selection of the optimal option.

Step 4 | Action

We provide assistance and support on how to communicate the final outcome. Upon request we also monitor the success of the final decision and how well it was implemented.

Some Of Our Successful Consultancy Cases

STIB is the largest Belgian urban public transport company. Its network has 4 metro lines, 18 tram lines, 50 bus lines and 11 night bus lines. D-Sight consulted forSTIB in assessing and choosing the most adapted technology in order to recover braking energy in trams and metros. The consultancy project was very successful.

"The European Project Ticket to Kyoto has the objective of reducing CO2 emissions in public transport. In that context, we had to select the best technology to recover braking energy in our network. D-Sight decision-making software solutions helped us decrease the complexity of the problem, while assessing the strengths and weaknesses of all different technologies available. It made the whole process more efficient and easy to analyze."

François-Olivier Devaux
Technical Coordination and Management - Ticket to Kyoto Project

Tailor-Made Development

Custom software development can deliver those key business efficiencies and differentiators to give a competitive edge that are sometimes impossible to achieve with our standard software solutions. We use tried-and-tested software development methodologies in order to control the risk and cost of the custom approach.

The D-Sight software solutions can be customized to answer specific needs such as database integration, specific graphical user interface or plugin developments. Feel free to contact us directly for more information.

Some Of Our Successful Tailor-Made Software Cases

The Walloon Region is one of the three Regions that make up the Federal Belgian State, the other two being the Flemish Region and the Brussels-Capital Region. The Walloon Region has an area of 16,844 km² (55.18% of Belgium) with nearly 3.5 million inhabitants (32.4% of the Belgian population).

D-Sight developed a tailor-made plugin, based on D-Sight Desktop, with a automated integration of an existing database in order to gather and analyze data with a customized reporting system.