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We are now looking for a talented web developer / software engineer to join the development team and work on our new main product D-Sight Web.

Job Description

D-Sight ( is a growing start-up based in Brussels. Our focus is to help companies make better decisions. D-Sight’s software solutions allow medium and large companies facing complex decision-making problems -- such as supplier selection, projects prioritization and other complex choices based on data analytics -- to quickly identify the best solution. Our products are already used in more than 25 countries. We have recently received the 2012 “Young Innovative Company” award in Brussels.
We have high growth objectives and are looking for people who are sure they can be part of it. We strive for success and push ourselves further each and every day – Do you?

D-Sight Web is a collaborative decision-making web application currently evolving at a fast pace and being used by a growing number of clients in several industries.

Here are some of the activities you will be involved in:

  • You will take part in all steps of the development life cycle (analysis, design, implementation, tests and deployment)
  • You will interact closely with our product manager and other developers in order to make D-Sight Web the most intuitive and easy to use decision-making software in the market
  • You will work with both back-end and front-end technologies (rails, Ruby, ORM, MySQL, Apache, HTML(5), JS, etc.)
  • You will bring new features to our application and participate in the development of new applications targeted to specific industries.

Desired Skills & Experience

To become part of our development team, we believe you have the following experience and qualifications:

  • BS or MS in Computer Science / Computer Engineering or equivalent experience
  • 1+ year experience with Ruby on Rails (prefered) or other MVC framework (such as Django, Symfony, ...)
  • Experience with object oriented analysis and design
  • Experience with MVC architecture
  • Excellent knowledge of standard web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript and associated frameworks)
  • Good knowledge of software development best practices (coding standard, source control management (git), testing, ...)
  • Previous work on RESTful API is a plus
  • Sysadmin experience (Linux, Apache, MySQL, ...) is a plus

In addition of the above, we are looking for someone with a special set of soft skills as well:

  • Excellent communication skills with both technical and less technical profiles
  • Well organized and paying strong attention to details
  • Proactive attitude to identify solutions to make the product better
  • Ability to work independently in a high pace environment
  • Very good English

We are looking for someone who will be able to make the difference. Salary and benefits are aligned with experience and skills!
Position is full-time, employee status.

More information on our career page

Sun, 07/04/2013 - Tue, 09/04/2013

Yves De Smet, co-founder of D-Sight, will make a presentation of a business case during the INFORMS conference on Business Analytics & Operations Research. The business case will be based on the use of D-Sight Desktop.

The 13th Annual Conference will be held in San Antonio in Texas (USA). More information about the event can be found here: 

Tue, 19/03/2013 - Thu, 21/03/2013

D-Sight will be present at Americana 2013 (booth 1011) in Montreal (Canada). Americana is an international environmental technology trade show that takes place every two years and this year, Belgium will be the country of honor. We would be pleased to see you so feel free to pass by if you are around.



Tue, 05/03/2013 - Sat, 09/03/2013

D-Sight will be present at CeBIT 2013 (Hall 6, stand B50) in Hannover (Germany). We would be pleased to see you so feel free to pass by if you are around.

Did we mention that we still have a few free tickets to enter the fair? Have a look at the newsletter to request yours. We hope to see you there!

We are pleased to announce that we have added a new language to D-Sight Web. Starting today, it is available both in English and in French. This is only the beginning and more languages will follow.

If you identify any errors in the translation while you use the application, please let us know. And if you are interested in getting D-Sight Web in your own language, drop us a message.

D-Sight is proud to announce that it has been awarded the price of Young Innovative Company of 2012 in Brussels, Belgium. The company has received a subsidy of 298.000€ to sustain its growth and development.

You can consult the press release in English, French or Dutch.

D-Sight is now looking for a business developer who will be able to bring D-Sight on a new specific market.

Here are the main tasks that you will be in charge of:

  • Make a complete market study of the targeted market: competition analysis, qualitative market study, quantitative market study, produce a complete market analysis based on the research
  • Lead new product development: you will be responsible to define the requirements for the new product development with respects to the needs you have identified on the market. You will be the link between the development team and the market
  • Lead pilot project(s): you will lead a pilot project with one or several potential local partners
  • Plan the sales strategy
  • Identify global partners
  • Call potential prospects and partners

To read more about it, apply for this position or see other open positions, have a look at our career page.

Thu, 20/12/2012

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Lao Tzu

What started a few years ago as an idea during a research project at the University of Brussels, has evolved today to become a growing company providing innovative decision-making solutions, which already reached users from over 80 countries worldwide.

During this year we had the pleasure of launching a group decision-making platform, D-Sight Web, which generated hundreds of projects all over the world. These projects positively impacted businesses to think on their decision-making processes and understand the reasons of their choices.

We really wanted to build a user-friendly platform, and while we faced many challenges in getting the platform at its very best, we can proudly say that today our users highlight such strength of ours.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Innoviris and the Brussels Region who believed in us and supported the development of our platform. If you haven’t tried D-Sight Web yet, we invite you to do so today.

2. If you don’t adapt and change, you won’t grow.

One of the biggest projects we had this year was to re-design our website. When doing such a project a lot of questions are generated:

  • "What problem are we really trying to solve?”
  • “Who are our customers?”
  • “What differentiates us from the rest of the competition?”
  • “What features we provide that nobody else does?”
  • “How to explain our solutions in a simple and illustrative way?”

These questions led to conversations, which led to decisions, which led us to change some of our business strategies. Change is never easy, but we believe that only by adapting to it, we can succeed.

We hope you appreciated the changes, our new learning center and the user-friendly design of our website.

3. It’s more than just a decision-making software. It’s our whole expertise into one platform.

This year we have been nominated and selected as a top European startup at the ICT Spring 2012, WebIT Congress 2012, as well pre-selected for the ongoing "Europas" tech awards event.

More than being at these events, it was when talking to people and potential customers that we really understood the value of our software solutions. It is the knowledge behind that really makes the difference. From the developers, designers, to the marketers, consultants, and partners, everyone understands the importance of making better decisions.

Therefore whenever developing something for the user (you), we always think on how to make sure our platform supports people and organizations to actually improve the way they make decisions. Moreover we understand that is not only making the decisions, but it is also about knowing the reasons behind them.


These were just some conclusions and lessons we learned from 2012. Ultimately we want to provide the best decision-making software solutions in the market and your contribution is key for that to happen.

To finalize with the cherry on top of the cake, we want to share with you in first-hand that D-Sight won the "Young Innovative Company 2012" award given by Innoviris and the Brussels Region. You can read the press news here

Thank you for 2012. Stay with us for 2013!

The D-Sight Team

D-Sight has been pre-selected for The Europas Awards, the premier awards for early, mind and late stage technology startups. We are also running for the People's Choice Award, so you can contribute by voting for us here, and pressing "Like" for the vote to be counted.