D-Sight Desktop v3.4.1 is released!

D-Sight Desktop functionalities were optimized to provide a better user experience. The update also includes some plugins enhancements and bug fixes. 

To quickly download this update, start D-Sight and go to Help -> Check for Updates.
You can also click on the button below and select the Corporate or Academic version, with respect to your license.

Am I eligible for this new update?

If you have a valid maintenance plan, you are more than lucky! You can install the new version as mentioned above! Don't have a valid maintenance plan? Contact us to order a new maintenance plan and to be able to enjoy this new great release!

Why to update or download the D-Sight Desktop v3.4.1?

IMPORTANT: Java 7 Compability 

Older versions of D-Sight Desktop won't be compatible with Java 7. The new version of D-Sight was improved to fully work with Java 7. This is great news, since it was an update asked by many. To benefit from this update, it is required to upgrade to the newest version announced here.

It has enhanced Features

Main changes in Walking Weights feature:

  • The panel has been reorganized in order to give you an easier approach when dynamically changing the weights of your criteria.
  • A specific, but important detail we added is that a disabled criterion will from now onwards receive a weight of "0", which leads to a better viewing of used weights.    
  • We also fixed minor bugs, and now you should be able to use this feature even better. 
Multi profiles illustration

Main changes in the Hierarchy Panel:
  • This panel was re-organized in order to provide you with more space and user-friendly approach.
  • You can now drag and drop of multiple items on the Hierarchy panel. This will increase the speed of your operations on the software.
  • Minor bugs have been fixed, including enhanced colors for better visualization.

Multi-users Plugin
  • The overall performance of the multi-users plugin has been improved for better multi-users experience, especially when results are displayed.
Project Selector Plugin
  • The plugin has been reorganized and optimized, in order to provide a better navigation through the feature.  
  • A table was added to see a report summary of the selected projects or alternatives. This will bring a better performance and visualization to your project status.
  • Minor bugs have been fixed, especially in the alternatives insertion.

Besides the normal operation of fixing minor bugs, we have also enhanced several aspects of the Desktop version.

Please continue helping us improve D-Sight Desktop by informing us of any bugs or improvement wishes, so that we can work on it for the next release. We want you to have at your disposal the best decision-making software ever!

About D-Sight Web

We're excited to announce that D-Sight Web, our collaborative decision-making platform is now available in commercial version. D-Sight Web will improve the way you make decisions, and make it easy having collaboration across projects.

What's hot?

We are working on a new professional blog for decision-makers. The blog willl be named "D-Sight Insights" and it will contain articles, case studies and thought-provoking ideas about decision-making. Stay tuned for its launch soon. 
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