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We come across matters of prioritization on a daily basis. On a personal level, what we can realize is limited by the resources that we have at our disposal.

This is no different in a corporate context, where portfolio prioritization issues are even more pronounced and complex. The situation is often more delicate due to the large amount of colleagues’ opinions to take into account, political pressures and enormous financial stakes.

D-Sight Portfolio is the software platform that supports you in structuring and standardizing prioritization decisions. Whichever your portfolio objectives are, we will integrate them in the platform in order to ensure maximal alignment between the investments you select and the corporate strategy.



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What we have improved 
Understand the impact of adding new or replacing existing projects in your portfolio
Master capacity and strategic resource allocation
Integrate strategic objectives in project prioritization and selection
Decrease surrounding data management workload by 95%

Maximize Portfolio Value from Budgeted Resources


Value can mean different things in different contexts. Even within the same organization, different types of portfolios might be valued in a different way. D-Sight Portfolio’s software allows you to create your own definition of value, and to integrate your restrictions in order to transparently select those projects that add the most value to your organization.



Select Projects that Support Corporate Strategy 


D-Sight Portfolio allows you to define the strategic KPI’s that matter to your organization and integrate them from the very start of the portfolio process, in the project selection step. Its flexible setup enables you to easily determine the impact of all strategic factors using interactive sensitivity analyses.



Standardize Data Capture & Prioritization Workflow 


Streamline the data collection and set-up of business cases using a systematic approach. Work together seamlessly in order to combine project inputs from all relevant parties and document the process in one centralized software platform.



Build Scenarios in One Click to Support Discussions 


Creating and comparing different potential scenarios is often essential in order to make risk mitigation decisions. This is however a time-consuming exercise if performed manually. D-Sight Portfolio allows you to compare different investment scenarios and make simulations to allow you to assess all possibilities in a few clicks.



To Summarize


  Systematize Process

Centralize ideas and project requests, standardize content and submission process of business cases, and keep all data in one centralized platform accessible by everyone with the required user rights.

  Analyze Portfolios

Define the factors that are important KPI’s to take into account in your context, D-Sight Portfolio visualizes the portfolio status

  Prioritize Projects

Rank projects, use sensitivity analyses and scenario building to define the basket of projects that best allows you to achieve your goals and visualize the impact of including (or replacing) certain projects.


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