D-Sight Web is available for free trial and commercial version.
 D-Sight Web is officially launched!

We're excited to announce that D-Sight Web, our collaborative decision-making platform is now available in commercial version. D-Sight Web will help you improve the way you make decisions, and make it easy having collaboration across teams and projects. 

Who can use it?

It's really important that you ask that. Anybody can use it. It might help to know that we designed D-Sight Web for any individual or teams that want to have both collaborative projects and a group decision making.

What can I do now?

Sign up for a free trial period, and afterwards you have 2 options:
• You purchase a monthly plan subscription.
• You continue using the platform for free, with a limitation to 1 project and 1 user.


Which key benefits do I get?

Collaborative decision making
No installation required
• User-friendly and acessible from anwhere

• Works on any platform
• Easier and centralized management
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