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Enhance project prioritization and investment selection decisions

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Our customers
D-Sight’s flexible software can easily be adapted to match requirements of organizations throughout different industries
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D-Sight offers solutions that integrate software & kick-off consulting
This guarantees a smooth and short implementation with maximal user adoption rates

Structured Approach to Project Prioritization & Investment Capacity Planning


Centralize all project requests and collaborative data, while standardizing business case creation and prioritization process

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Assess project portfolios, including dashboards to reflect current status of portfolios for all strategic KPI’s that matter to your organization

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Select the set of investments that will best achieve a desired business strategy, by comparing different scenarios in a few clicks

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Our software is also accessible on your phone and tablet

All our software solutions can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Connect to your device’s browser to work from anywhere.

A Sample of Our Customers

Below you will find a reference sample of customers. If you would like to see how we help our customers:

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