Today's market reality is highly complex and requires a broader interaction with stakeholders, while every decision depends on many factors. At D-Sight, we complement our innovative software solutions with training, support and consulting services to help organizations handle these challenges and improve the way decisions are made and justified.

We provide end-to-end demonstrations and teach concepts such as setting criteria, modeling decision-making processes, effectively using advanced analytics, and more.

We support customers to develop their expertise in prioritizing decisions, and to optimize the decision-making process.

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What we have improved 
A team of consultants with great knowledge and expertise.
Efficient implementation of process
Expert modelling of your problem
100% fit with requirements thanks to customizations
Guaranteed fast support responses



Developing your decision-making methodology requires considerable skills and knowledge. A tailored, short, training course to support your approach will benefit your effectiveness in establishing the process.

D-Sight offers different levels of training modules in decision-making, operational performance and analysis.




We are confident that we have developed the most user-friendly decision-making platform. That of course does not mean that questions would not occasionally arise. We offer customized support packages and guarantee responses within 24h on business days, either via telephone or email.


Customized Developments


We do not pretend to have the one standard software solution that will fulfill every organization's specific needs. Our skilled development team can customize the solutions to provide a perfect fit with your requirements. We use tried-and-tested software development methodologies in order to control the risk and cost of the custom approach.


Decision Aid Consulting


D-Sight supports companies confronted with complex decision processes. This support is not limited to the software solutions, our experts provide support to structure decision problems and develop a process and methodology that fit the needs of your organization.


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Our system engineers and UI specialists have designed the easiest yet efficient system to collect and analyze data to support the decision-making process. We follow our customers


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