Strategic Sourcing Analysis Tool



Whether you are reporting tender results to the board, or to non-selected suppliers, justification of procurement decisions is becoming increasingly important.

Price is no longer the sole evaluation criterion. Strategic sourcing includes not only price, but also quality, risks, delivery times, etc. This multitude of criteria, suppliers and stakeholders software involved in the decision, leads to a vast amount of data that has to be taken into account. This is indeed increasing the complexity of any tender evaluation.

D-Sight has developed the software solution to facilitate the supplier selection process. It ensures integration of stakeholders’ opinions and scores tender offers based on a university-developed methodology. It provides clear results in the form of intuitive graphs, justifying your supplier selection decisions. 


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What we have improved 
Save up to 75% of your team's efforts
Justify your decisions using intuitively clear graphs
Proactively prepare reviews by establishing an audit trail

One Centralized Platform For Your Sourcing Needs


Streamline your strategic sourcing processes in one systematic approach, where every step of the different participants is documented in one centralized software platform.



Organize and Visualize Data in Any Way You Need


Our platform allows you to benefit from a plethora of precreated graphs and models which give you the rare opportunity to be able to really see the current business reality which is normally hidden behind all the numbers. A mathematical calculation engine moreover computes the best supplier scenarios, taking into account all different constraints.



Take Control Over All Roles In Your Sourcing Process 


Our online software system allows collaboration with remote stakeholders, communication is 100% secured. The platform is offered as a Software as a Service solution and does not require any installation. However, it can be installed on your own infrastructure on request. You will be able to benefit from a multi-level user access system and control all details about who does what. 



Comprehensive Reporting. Save over 50% Of The Reporting Time  


Report results of the selection in one click. Easy-to-understand graphs will visually support the outcome of your analysis.





  Centralized platform

Streamline your strategic sourcing processes in one systematic approach. Predefine your work process and benefit from a clearly organized, transparent platform.

  Full control over users

Take full control over who can see what and how this relates to the sourcing processes within the company. Have people appointed with different roles and control the input that they can provide or see.

  Run advanced visual analysis 

Benefit from the use of a great number of chart which help the visualization of the analytical results from your data. Indeed data understanding is the ultimate goal behind our platform. 


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