Our Solutions


D-Sight offers a selected number of Strategic Solutions to help your business. Over the years we have specialized in the areas of multi-criteria decision analysis and user friendly software development. These domains have now become our core expertise, which allows us to offer you a specific set of solutions. We do not only apply our expertise in the development of our software products but also in our tailored services. 

Therefore, we offer the complete set of tools that your company may need from a decision-making point of view. Our experts provide training, the initial set-up of the system and consulting on the analysis process. We are here to help your company develop its unique decision-making processes. 

Collaborative Decision-Making Tool

The best tool for decision-making that you can possibly choose is the one that has been checked and tested by more than 50 universities all over the world.

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Project Portfolio Optimization Tool

High-level decisions on prioritizing strategic projects are complicated to make, let alone justify. Visual, intuitive support of these decisions can minimize the internal struggles.

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Strategic Sourcing Analysis Tool

Whether you are reporting tender results to the board, or to non-selected suppliers, justification of procurement decisions is becoming increasingly important.

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