D-Sight supports organizations that face complex decisions with an integrated offer that includes specialized software and relevant expertise.

The core of our solutions, lies indeed in our decision-making background. The first software solution D-Sight has developed and introduced to the market, was D-Sight CDM, short for Collaborative Decision-Making. This flexible platform is meant to strategically support decisions throughout many different situations. Our generic platform has been customized for a particular domain: strategic sourcing (D-Sight Sourcing). More recently, we have developed a specialized tool to specifically support decisions in the domain of project prioritization (D-Sight Portfolio).

We are here to help your company develop its unique decision-making processes and provide you with a customized process and tool that are entirely managed in-house. Our experts will support the initial set-up of the system, interpretation of results and training of users in order to ensure a short and smooth transition to the new tool.

The three software solutions are illustrated below:

Project Portfolio Optimization Tool

High-level decisions on prioritizing strategic projects are complicated to make, let alone justify. Visual, intuitive support of these decisions can maximize value and minimize discussions by transparently clarifying results.

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Collaborative Decision-Making Tool

Corporate decisions are complex due to the large number of factors and stakeholders to include. An overview of opinions, sensitivity analyses and automated reporting will allow you to be thorough yet efficient.

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Strategic Sourcing Analysis Tool

Whether you are reporting tender results to the board, or to non-selected suppliers, justification of procurement decisions is becoming increasingly important. This software platform will allow you to easily explain choices with intuitive support.

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