Improve Your Decision-Making Process With Our Solutions

Innovation is our philosophy! Everything we develop needs to be user-friendly, based on cutting-edge methodology and significantly improve the life of decision-makers. We approach the world with the understanding that business leaders, governments and academics face increasingly complex challenges. We focus on decreasing complexity of decision support so you can focus on making the right decisions and implementing them.

Our purpose is to expedite the decision-making process and provide an intuitive, structured procedure to apply a data based methodology to your major decision processes. We aim to achieve this by combining our expertise in decision-making methodologies with our technical software solutions.

Our Software Solutions

D-Sight Web

D-Sight Web is a collaborative decision-making platform that helps you analyze data, evaluate alternatives and make decisions. It brings people together and integrates their perspectives into the optimal decision. It is fully online and recommended for organizations and stakeholders that require high collaboration. Learn More.

D-Sight Web
D-Sight Desktop

D-Sight Desktop

D-Sight Desktop is a software solution dedicated to supporting your decision-making processes. It provides a framework allowing you to evaluate alternatives on several criteria based on your preferences, and identify the best solution. You can install it in your computer and have offline access. Learn More.

Product Comparison


D-Sight Web

D-Sight Desktop

Interface Web browser
No installation required!
Desktop application
Standard Windows Installer (MSI)
System Information & Requirements

Recent Internet browser (IE9+, Chrome, Firefox 15+, Safari 5+, Opera 10+)

Cross-platform (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

Mobile device friendly (iPad, Surface, Galaxy)

CPU: see Windows requirements

RAM: See Windows Requirements

Software dependencies: Java Virtual Machine 1.6+

HDD: 50 MB

OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 and newer (Interested in MacOS or Linux? Contact us)

Key Benefits

Advanced visuals analytics

Real time interaction

Collaborative decision-making platform

Cross-platform (Linux, MacOS, MS)

Advanced visuals analytics

Real time interaction

Offline access. No need for Internet

Local usage

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Our Services


D-Sight offers different levels of training modules in decision aid, operational research and statistics. In particular, introductory and advanced D-Sight training modules are available. Learn More.

Decision-Aid Consulting

D-Sight helps companies confronted with complex decision processes. We provide a global support to structure and model decision problems, to evaluate alternative decisions and to identify key performance indicators. Learn More.

Tailor-Made Development

Custom software development can often deliver those key business efficiencies and differentiators to gain a competitive edge that might not be possible with standard software solutions. We use tried and tested software development methodologies in order to contain the risk and cost of the custom approach. Learn More.

Why To Trust Us?

Decisions in today’s economy involve increasing amounts of information, stakeholders and other influencing factors that determine the result of the decision-making process. That is why successful organizations and individuals use D-Sight for making confident and justified decisions in a collaborative and engaging environment.

"By using D-Sight's advanced methodology, the global process of choice was improved and became more efficient. We also reduced the time spent for comparing and ranking the alternatives. Using a repeatable process allows us to obtain more solid and rigorous results as well as to increase the clients and stakeholders' satisfaction, especially regarding the motivation and thought-process for the choice."

Salvatore D'Alfonso
Technical Director Italferr

"The European Project Ticket to Kyoto has the objective of reducing CO2 emissions in public transport. In that context, we had to select the best technology to recover braking energy in our network. D-Sight decision-making software solutions helped us decrease the complexity of the problem, while assessing the strengths and weaknesses of all different technologies available. It made the whole process more efficient and easy to analyze."

François-Olivier Devaux
Technical Coordination and Management - Ticket to Kyoto Project

"With the increase for water demand and scarcity, utilities require effective strategies for optimum use of available water resources. Deciding on which option to choose amongst conflicting multiple criteria and different interests of stakeholders is a challenging task. The D-Sight Software was key in prioritizing water loss reduction options for Kampala city and made our strategic plan a success."

Harrison Mutikanga