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Fluxys makes extensive use of fiber optic cables in order to manage all gas usage communications (e.g. measure, remote control, etc.) Fluxys had to buy hundreds of miles of new cables of various capacities (ranging from 8 to 144 fibers per cable) to renew part of its optical network. By using D-Sight, the team was able to conduct a faster offer evaluation process. While saving their time, D-Sight gave them the possibility to immediately get a global idea of what the providers offered. Furthermore, as the team held progress meetings, the interaction between the buyer and the engineer was significantly improved. Indeed, the interactive interface of D-Sight allows the stakeholders to easily understand the results. The numerous tools available within D-Sight allow for a more profound offer comparison. By empowering the users to perform sensitivity analysis, the stakeholders are comforted in their choices and can easily and rigorously justify them. In addition, D-Sight provides a results export feature for simple report creation.

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Client: Fluxys
URL: http://www.fluxys.com/