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D-Sight Web Tutorial

This video shows you how to go through the differents steps in D-Sight Web. The considered project is the one that is created automatically when you register to D-Sight Web.

How to use the Parameters

This article will briefly explain you how to use the Parameters in D-Sight. To display the parameters table, click on the Parameters tab in the main window. If you don't find it, go to the menu Model and click on Parameters.

Let's say that we have three criteria: price, power and consumption. Now let's look at the two first column of the table :

Site Selection for Network Expansion


This example illustrates the choice of a site to expand the fiber optics network of a telecom company. The company already has a certain optical coverage of its territory and needs to decide where to expand.

The sites are evaluated considering six criteria:

Recruiting a Candidate


This example is about Jeane who has to evaluate different candidates in scope to engage a new employee for her company. Jeane met 4 candidates today: Dave, Amanda, Jennifer and John. Each of them has of course his own strengths and weaknesses. In order to select the candidate in the most objective way, Jeane has established 5 criteria to base her decision on. These criteria are:

Projects Prioritization


This example is about the evaluation and the comparison of different IT outsourcing projects. To get a quick overview, take a look at the video below or keep on reading for detailed explanations.